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Breaking Down Fake News

One of the more popular pieces on the blog based on viewership statistics are these articles I read where I roll my eyes at the complete falsity of it and break down why it’s so fake.

Writing a fake news article is relatively easy, clearly any idiot can do it and they do. Seeing right through them is another thing all together, let me guide you along the way.

This week’s offender is some no name internet “journalist” named Josie Elsnor who wrote the following article about how New Yorkers want the right to carry concealed handguns, something that was taken away from them a long time ago (and has done nothing to reduce gun crimes).

The offending piece can be seen here:

Let’s start with the very premise of the article, where Ms. Elsnor (is that spanish for “the snore?”… never mind) says the following: “New York has some of the strictest legislation in the country, introduced more than a century ago in response to a spike in homicides and suicides committed with concealed firearms.”

First, let’s think about the timing of that. Over a CENTURY ago. Do you believe for one second that 100 plus years ago New York was tracking “gun violence” statistics down to how homicides and suicides were being committed with “concealed” firearms? Did they ask the person who committed suicide if the gun was concealed before they used it?

She then proceeds on to the fake news author’s number one weapon – statistics! She quotes actual academic research:

“A recent study by researchers at Stanford University looked at the impact of right-to-carry laws and found that more than a decade after adoption, they were linked to a 13-15 per cent increase in gun crime. Alaska, which became the first to relax its rules in 2003, saw a staggering 65 per cent rise in aggravated assaults.”

Ok let’s break that down for a moment. A 13-15% increase in gun crime. Hmm. So over a ten year period “gun crime,” however the hell she’s defining that, barely rose each year. Do you suppose increases in population or other related variables would be at play there? Don’t bother defining that of course. Forget reporting those factors, they don’t support her idiotic thesis.

Now let’s talk about the Alaska part. Notice she has to go back 18 years to get this “staggering 65% rise in aggravated assaults.” Wait a minute, I thought we were talking about gun violence? Which remember the left includes suicides in gun violence because it makes the numbers seem more appalling. No now she is using “aggravated assaults.” I wonder why the change in jargon? Could it be that we need to make this look horrific so let’s change our variables just a hair to pump those numbers up? Of course it is. And, again, how in the hell does the right to carry a concealed weapon affect the suicide rate?

She then quotes the great and all mighty Andrew Cuomo:

New York’s governor said the city would resemble the “OK Corral” and said “the NRA’s (National Rifle Association) dream of a society where everyone is terrified of each other and armed to the teeth is abhorrent to our values.”

Hot tip Andy, the city ALREADY resembles the OK Corral and you have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

This entire article is a result of a lawsuit filed by two New York men which the supreme court has agreed to hear regarding their right to carry a concealed weapon for protection. Ah yes, the supreme court, where she goes on to mention that supposed “conservative majority.” Which really means you know whose fault this really is right?

Read carefully between the lines my friends, and question everything. Words matter, especially when you’re creating fake news.

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