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Brace Yourself

Well now that the trial arguments in the Kyle Rittenhouse case have concluded, the media can now only go into speculation mode. I guess there is no other way to keep their viewers glued to the screen.

I’ve been following the case to some extent, and it does seem pretty obvious to me that the kid acted in self defense. How the jury will see it, who really knows. But it is worrisome that a very cogent argument could be made that these charges should never have been brought in the first place.

The prosecution’s own witnesses have belied their own case. They’ve focused on making Rittenhouse out to be a vigilante. He clearly was not, he shot people who, by their own admission and witness accounts, were threatening to kill him. The prosecutor yesterday had a line that really blew my mind: “You lose the right to self defense when you bring a gun out.” Last time I checked possessing a legal firearm is the hallmark of self defense. I thought the quote was idiotic, but so is the case.

Is this a malicious prosecution? Is this what it’s come to in this country? The mob threatens to burn your shit down so you better prosecute this guy despite him not breaking the law. If you’ve watched any of the kuncklehead news (not sure why you would but hey) it’s been non-stop lunacy. “He was in possession of an illegal gun.” That was a lie, the judge actually dismissed the charge when the prosecution sheepishly admitted that he legally possessed the gun. They fail to mention that one of the protesters Rittenhouse shot was carrying a firearm – illegally.

They say “he crossed state lines.” So what? Also not illegal. Did all the people looting and burning that night live in Wisconsin? Did they show ID at the entry to the riot before joining the frivolity?

He’s been called, by the current president of the United States, a “white supremacist.” What? Everyone involved in this case is white. The defendant and the three people who were shot. What in the world does that have to do with white supremacy? If that doesn’t tell you how the Democratic party machine works, I don’t know what does. EVERYTHING is racist. Protect property from being burned to the ground? You’re a RACIST.

The jury spent all day yesterday deliberating before retiring for the evening. Let’s be like the media and do some speculating. If you listen to one side, he’s so obviously not guilty it should have taken them an hour to let him off. The other side thinks the opposite.

Are they really in there deliberating the case? Or are they taking their sweet time so folks will think they gave it a lot of thought? That’s what I kind of think. At the very least this jury is hung, from what I’ve seen it just doesn’t seem like twelve people can agree this kid maliciously killed anyone.

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    The Madison, Wisconsin news coverage has been so far left, they can now see their backside by glancing right.

    There is no balanced details being presented. It doesn’t fit their narrative. No, he was guilty in their eyes the moment he was cuffed.

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