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Biscuits of the Week

Do you remember a couple of months ago the story about the two knuckleheads at Arizona State University who were upset because two white students had the audacity to quietly sit and study in the University’s “multi-cultural” area?

Well, it wasn’t really a multi-cultural area, if your culture was white anyway.

Don’t forget either that the students who were minding their own business studying also were pouring on the white supremacy by sporting a sticker on their laptop saying “police lives matter” and one was wearing a t-shirt which proclaimed “I did not vote for Biden.”

Mastaani Qureshi and Sarra Tekola were incensed that other students were allowed to sit at a table and study. According to our biscuits of the week they might as well have been wearing guns and drawing swastikas on the walls.

Of course the incident called for an “investigation” and the University did exactly that. The problem is the investigation apparently was well conducted and in the end found that the two students accusing Arizona State of creating an atmosphere of hate were WRONG.

ASU gave both students a warning and asked them to write about how to deal with similar situations and “facilitate a civil dialogue” on multicultural spaces, the student newspaper reported at the time. 

“Neither your expression of disagreement with that sticker’s message, nor that student’s choice to affix the sticker to his computer, were considered as possible violations of the Student Code of Conduct,” the school wrote to the pair.

How dare they ask for civil discourse! Are you not paying attention to the white supremacy here?! Think about how to get along together? Fuck that!

The two learned nothing from the situation whatsoever.

Tekola and Qureshi slammed the school in their most recent social media video, claiming ASU is the number one school at “ignoring marginalized students.”

“ASU refuses to protect students of color, and the world needs to know how they treat us here on this campus when we push to make it a better place for all,” Tekola said in a clip of a rally included in the video posted last week. 

She argued that the school asking “students of color” to act more civilly when confronted by alleged “white supremacy and neo-Nazism” is “actually violent.”

Can you be any more stupid? Don’t answer that.

3 thoughts on “Biscuits of the Week”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    What saddens me is the biscuits you’ve mentioned have ZERO desire to actually engage anyone not beholden to their anti-white stance. Simply existing in their space violates everything they believe they’re entitled to. Dr King would be deeply saddened.

  2. To be a committed “Woke” leftist requires that one’s mind be permanently closed to any:
    1) Conservative ideas
    2) Traditional values
    3) The notion of go along, get along

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