Biscuit (Noun) : A person who is willfully ignorant and almost certainly incompetent

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Biscuit of The Week!

This week our winner is a sly son of a gun. Smart, shady and stealthy, they stay back in the shadows, like roaches hiding from the light.

It is difficult to pin them down – so difficult in fact that we don’t even know their name.

This week’s winner is the master puppeteer holding the strings of President Dementia.

After sixty plus days of not holding a press conference when Joe finally took to the podium yesterday it was completely obvious why.

He clearly had several planted questions amongst the invited press corp. The one that seemed most obvious was when they asked him about his China policy. He looked down and flipped through his note cards – yes, the current president needs note cards – and appeared to read verbatim whatever the Biscuit of the Week had approved for him to say.

The few times that he tried to pull together a complete thought without consulting his notes he either barely got there or got lost, trailed off and was unable to cogently finish his sentence. Frankly it’s painful to watch. It was even more painful today when I saw some jackass on MSNBC (More Stuff Not Being Correct) say “Republicans failed miserably in asserting theories about Biden’s mental declines, he was clearly sharp and on point.” What press conference was he watching?

Biden went around the room pointing at various reporters for their questions. It was telling, but not surprising, that despite having invited Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy the President didn’t actually call on him to ask any questions. Gee, I wonder why? At least that guy isn’t nearly as big a dick as Jim Acosta, I certainly didn’t see him pushing any women around trying to hog the microphone.

So who is the behind the Biden administration? Is it the dreaded “deep state,” whoever the fuck that is? Nervous Nancy? Crying Chuck?

Well all of the above. Trump described the entire town of DC perfectly when he deemed it “the swamp.” It’s a filthy cesspool of polluted water and full of nasty critters that you don’t want to ever meet up with at night. But it’s a damn powerful machine – and its power has gone unchecked for so long that when Trump nearly upset their entire world they went ape-shit ballistic over his Presidency. Hell they even felt the need to impeach him after he wasn’t President anymore. Simmer the fuck down!

The money and the power are so tremendous there that I’m not sure it can ever be stopped. It’s so corrupt and so powerful that they can even elect a dementia riddled old man because frankly it suited their one and only purpose – defeat Trump and have control.

God help us all.

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