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Biscuit of the Week!

Joe Biden’s reign as the week’s top biscuit is over. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and this week’s well deserved winner is one of President Dementia’s cabinet picks – Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas!

If you missed the article a few posts back about New New Mexico (formerly Texas) you already are aware that less than 100 days into the Biden administration we already have an influx of illegal immigrants, particularly children, at our southern border.

No one is surprised of course, from halting construction on the wall to putting “catch and release” back in place, and other ill-advised policies we all understand why now is the time to come on over the river to America. Several immigrants coming over the border were asked why now and said simply they feel like Joe Biden will let them in. They’re not wrong.

As record numbers of children from Central America continue to arrive daily at the U.S.-Mexico border without their parents, troubling details of their journeys and the conditions they’re met with at Homeland Security facilities are emerging, setting up a crisis for the new Biden administration that’s gathering criticism from both sides of the aisle. Except they call it a “challenge” not a “crisis.” Good thing Obama built them all those cages!

The administration has called upon FEMA for help because of the quickly escalating size and scope of the problem. A congresswoman pressed Mayorkas in his testimony before congress yesterday and asked if this was an “emergency.” He repeated it was a challenge. She said if it’s not an emergency why are you calling in the Federal EMERGENCY Management Agency? He didn’t really have a response for that.

The good news is that our Biscuit of the Week does know who is to blame for this mess in reality – you know already right?

That’s right – it’s Trump’s fault.

You know, those crazy policies like putting up a wall. Negotiating with Mexico on migrants at the border actually having to stay in Mexico while they wait for their hearings. Taking away funding when Mexico breaks their promises with us.

Of course this is why the Biden administration blames Trump – he took away their funding whenever they broke their promises. The fact that they all decided to come at once the day after Biden became President is purely coincidence. And if you believe that I’ve got a cactus farm to sell you.

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  1. The border mess and the influx of criminals is disgusting. EVERY illegal incursion into the USA is a criminal act and I don’t care how old they are. If they are sent unattended, shame on them. Over a certain age, they should be sent back IMMEDIATELY. If they are toddlers or infants, allow them to be adopted. Stop the insanity. Stop the lawlessness. NO OTHER NATION in the WORLD allows this to take place.

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