Biscuit (Noun) : A person who is willfully ignorant and almost certainly incompetent

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Biscuit of the Week

I know, I know – no surprise that it’s a member of the Biden administration. And to boot it’s a woman who has turned out to be a complete disaster.

I seriously had to laugh out loud at our new press secretary’s first press conference. First, she wanted to remind everyone that she was the first black female lesbian to ever have the job. And then has done nothing since but prove that using diversity, equity and inclusion as your #1 hiring criteria is not a great idea. I’d write all about it, but watching Watters the other day he did a piece on her and it was fantastic. In case you missed it, this is worth your time. What a useless biscuit.

A flustered intern reading from a book full of lies. Totally accurate.

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