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Biscuit of the Week

Well, it’s all the Democrats again this week. The complete and total meltdown over the Elon Musk purchase of Twitter. They are literally scared to death that twitter might become an actual place where people could debate the topics of the day. Without having to worry about being shut down, cancelled and silenced for having an opinion that isn’t liberal.

It’s amusing the reporting that came out this week about Twitter employee’s political donations. Over 98% of their donations went to Democrats. I guess maybe shouldn’t be surprised by that, it is a San Francisco based corporation catering to the woke crowd worldwide.

But not for long. And it’s killing them.

Musk tweeted out a cartoon today that completely describes what has happened in the past few years:

And one thing is for sure – those standing to the “far right” … do they really exist? Today in congressional testimony Biden officials were asked how many cases have been referred to the DOJ this year regarding white supremacy or domestic terrorism related to white supremacy. His answer of course was none. The left has tried so hard to make up a boogeyman – but lets face it, white supremacists are NOT the biggest internal issue this country faces (as they’ve tried to tell you time and time again). I’m not sure what it is, but a few rednecks in the woods drinking budweiser and talking about how shitty our government is does not qualify as a huge issue.

There has been reporting that employees at Twitter may actually quit if the Musk purchase actually goes through. I honestly hope they do, anyone who is that stupid should go somewhere else. I just hope it’s not to a cubicle near any of you.

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  1. Let them ALL quit and hire people who’ve read and understand the Constitution.

    Additionally, I left Twitter because I believe ANY privately held corporation has a right to run their business as they see fit. If I don’t like what they say or do, I can leave or not buy their product.

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