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Biscuit of the Week!

Well the week has once again offered us a plethora of worthy choices. MSNBC (the network i’ve dubbed “More Stuff Not Being Correct)’s Joy Reid once again proved her stupidity with this doozy of a tweet:

Yes she literally just said that conservatives would be down for a tax increase if they could just say the word “nigger” without consequence. Hot tip moron, I’d stop using the word “the” for a year if it meant my taxes didn’t go up.

But Joy, despite her stupidity, doesn’t win this week. No, it’s time for someone who is clearly already past due for the award. Nearly seven weeks into office what I’m sure are the first of many BOTW awards goes to Joe Biden.

Not reported at all in the mainstream media the last few days is just how quickly Joe’s approval ratings have plummeted. Not amongst Democrats of course, but Independents, who are actually the folks who decide elections in this country.

Shortly after Joe’s inauguration Independents gave him a 47% approval and 30% disapproval rating. A poll taken Wednesday by the same organization found that now 47% of independents DISapprove of him. That escalated quickly.

What do you suppose could have happened? Well, Trump may have been a douchebag, but you can’t say he didn’t make promises and try like hell to keep them. President dementia… well, not so much.

In classic Washington say-whatever-it-takes to get elected he made lots of promises. And then went about not keeping them.

Cancelling student debt was the first. Many progressives called for an executive order knocking out $50,000 for every borrower. Joe came along and said he’d consider that. Then he dropped it to $10,000. And now he’s apparently just dropped it all together. Not going to happen.

The second lie Joe told to get elected was that he would immediately push for everyone to get a $2,000 stimulus check. And then he got elected and the checks were no longer $2,000 but now $1,400. Unusual for a Democrat to worry too much about stealing our tax money and then giving it back as a way to get votes, but apparently even this was too much cost for him. Democrats again were livid.

Third he said we’d have one hundred million vaccines in people’s arms in his first 100 days in office. Roughly 1/2 way into those first 100 days he’s at about 26 million. Better shake a leg. Of course the administration realized almost right away this was an idiotic promise and blamed who you thought they would. Trump’s fault! (That they can’t do math).

Fourth, I’m sure he won over a few swing voters by promising them a $15 an hour minimum wage. We all know this is crap, but now it’s become obvious he has zero chance of getting that through congress. Which he knew all along.

Fifth, he promised he would force all the non-science following rednecks to wear a mask by issuing a federal mask mandate. Hasn’t happened. Yet the media seems to have forgotten all about that. Convenient.

But hey, surely Joe has kept a few of his promises, right? Unfortunately yes.

He rescinded what the Main Stream Media called Trump’s “Muslim Ban.” So yes, people from countries that the Obama administration labeled as state sponsors of terror can now travel to the US freely.

He reinstated the “catch and release” policy for our southern border. Which predictably has led to an influx of border crossings and a need to send more resources to the border to handle the overflow. Shocking.

He put us back in the Paris Climate Accord, so we can overpay for “our share” of the world’s problems while China pollutes the fuck out of the ionosphere.

He stopped work on the Keystone pipeline and put 11,000 Americans out of work. If Trump had done that can you imagine the screams and howls from CNN? “The heartless bastard did this during a PANDEMIC!” They’d spout on about it 24/7.

I suppose today’s winner is a little obvious but sometimes you just have to give it to the most deserving. Congrats Joe, you’re the biscuit of the week!

3 thoughts on “Biscuit of the Week!”

  1. If the left wants people to stop using the “N-word”, how about leading by example & come down hard on those who claim it is a “cultural word” which is okay fir some, but not for all. By this logic, ANY racial slur should be met with the same unrelenting hatred the “N-word” is met with.

  2. He’s worthy of the award by far. I do wonder how all of his supporters are liking the increase on gas? Morons…sorry not sorry!

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