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Biscuit of the Week

I didn’t get around to it last week, so I guess technically it’s “biscuit of last week,” but this guy is a well deserving winner.

Ibram Kendi is a professor at Boston University. A professor of what you ask? Let me tell ya: He’s a professor of the humanities and Director of the Center for Antiracist Research.

And as you might expect, he’s got opinions – mostly the kind that are aimed at dividing the country – and recently shared them in an op-ed for the woefully pathetic “news” magazine The Atlantic.

And as you might expect he pulled out a blanket and threw out this statement: Republicans are the party of white supremacy. That’s right, every last damn one of ya that vote Republican are racist white supremacist pigs. You know who you are!

You know, it’s funny, I haven’t heard Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney or Susan Collins lately posting on their social media how they are attending any upcoming Qanon conferences. I’ve talked in the last week to a number of people who I know are Republicans and none of them have invited me to the next neighborhood white supremacists meeting. Maybe they just don’t like me? Maybe.

“The Republican Party is clearly not the party of parents. The Republican Party is certainly not the party of parents of color. But is the Republican Party even the party of white parents?” Kendi wrote.

Not the party of parents of color, eh? How about passing laws requiring actual learning in school? Florida has passed a law not allowing teachers of third graders and lower to talk to those students about gender identity but to leave it to their parents, as it should be. The law is for THIRD graders and below – that’s ALL third graders – not just white third graders. I mean unless you really think every black parent out there wants their first grader to be meditating over whether or not they should tape their penis back up their butt so they can look and feel more like a girl.

Florida has also passed a law requiring students be taught financial literacy. ALL students must take the course and they must PASS. Now, if I was a white supremacist, I would do my best to make sure that disadvantaged students (who are mostly black according to everything I read) would not have to take the course or at the very least be let off the hook if they flunk it. But no, the law, pardon me borrowing the phrase, leaves NO child behind.

But Republican’s are DEFINITELY NOT the party of black parents. Really. Hmm. Abram, you just keep thinking that. I’m sure your state will (idiotically) vote Democrat again the next few years, but I assure you that you and you’re party are falling behind how people (particularly parents) actually feel. Keep trying to paint us all as White Supremacists sir, see how far that gets ya.

3 thoughts on “Biscuit of the Week”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    The blatant hypocrisy & misinformation spewed by people is amazing. Yet, the MSM fails repeatedly to “fact check ANY of it. Pathetic.

  2. I realize much of today’s media is “on line” whereas in the old days it was in print. What you could say back then (translation: half assed bullshit) in selected publications was around. A nut case back then just had to make sure the reporter’s boss bought printing ink in 55 gallon drums. Half assed statements are still here today – we just don’t buy ink anymore!

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