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Biscuit of the Week

Joe Biden of course is the honorary biscuit every week, but we’ll write about the stupidity that is today’s college student.

I get that teenagers think they know everything, and that’s okay. That does not mean, however, that they can’t at least show some respect for freedom of speech and at the very least take a moment to LISTEN to someone who may not see the world the same way that they do.

Our latest example of this comes from the student newspaper at the University of Virginia. The campus group “Young Americans for Freedom” invited former Indiana Governor and Vice President of the United States Mike Pence to come speak at a campus event.

You can imagine what the liberal morons at the campus newspaper immediately said.

What was their reasoning? I hope you are sitting down. They don’t want him on their campus because Pence pushes “violent rhetoric.”

If you know anything about Mike Pence, you know just how completely ridiculous this is. Let’s examine that.

First, he is pretty much the exact opposite of Donald Trump in terms of rhetoric and behavior. Mike is a well known to be a deeply religious man who probably had to throw up in the white house bathroom a few times based on what Trump was trying to do on any given day.

Second, this is the guy who certified Joe Biden was President in 2020 – which is exactly what the left wanted him to do. This is a guy who looked at the law, looked inside himself and did what he had to do. The act likely doesn’t get nearly the credit it deserves for helping to preserve the precarious republic we currently live in.

Third, could you please point out to me ANY kind of video in the past twenty years of Mike Pence “promoting violent rhetoric”? I double dog dare you to find it. A quick youtube search will pull up just about any politician you want saying something controversial. You may have to dig quite a bit to find something on Mike.

Pence is the rare nice christian guy who has managed to be somewhat successful in his political career. It’s rare these days, you need to be a lot meaner and more conniving to work your way up through a political career. He’s been successful at it despite not being as machiavellian as a Clinton or as bombastic as a Donald Trump.

But clearly the University of Virginia’s newspaper doesn’t care about any of that. No, all they care about is that he represents someone whose opinions they don’t agree with. And that means he needs to get the hell out.

It’s a shame really, I hope for better out of the kids today – and those teaching them as well.

5 thoughts on “Biscuit of the Week”

  1. Solid logic and married with common sense . . . . . . . . . . . maybe you should have the HONOR of writing a rebuttal in the UVA newspaper! Hmmm . . . my son changing the course of history through common sense! Wow!

    1. His rebuttal would promptly be labelled as Hate Speech and they would stampede for their “Safe” spaces and the university would have to hire counselors to help them cope with hurtful words from the man defending the violent Mike Pence.

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