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Biscuit of the Week

Sigh. We all know it’s Joe Biden. Did you watch any of him this week? Holy crap it’s a miracle the Russians aren’t trying to invade and take us over because our leadership has never been so weak.

First he goes to Europe and gives a press conference. It went exactly as you would have expected. He read his talking points and referred to his cue cards like a good boy.

Then, also predictably, at the end he says “I’ve been given a list of folks to call on here, let’s start with such and such from the associated press.” So he began answering the questions that Biden’s staff had planted in the press pool. But then, to his handler’s horror I’m sure, he says at the very end “I think I can take one more question, and, off the cuff he calls on someone from CBS. Never good to veer from the script Joe.

He rambled on about sanctions but he got chippy about them and said “they aren’t meant to Deter. You keep saying that, but they were never meant to deter.

If you watch Fox News I think you know better, I doubt the rest of them are running the truth – but Fox was able to immediately put together a sixty second long tape of Kamala, Tony Blinken, Jen Psaki and other Biden administration officials in the last 30 days saying “President Biden believes that sanctions will deter Russia.”

Yah, can you make it any easier on us President Dementia? Were you backwards in your thinking or are you guys really that far off the same page? Probably both.

Then, while visiting US troops in Poland, Biden tried to give the men a motivational speech where he says “you will see when you are there the courage of the Ukraine citizens.”

Wait, “when you are there?” Biden and his cronies have repeatedly said US troops will not be on the ground in Poland. Slip of the tongue? Yet another senior moment? I can only imagine that it was a senior moment …. very plausible based on everything we have seen over the the course of this presidency.

Biden also had a phone call with Chinese President Xi and after people clamored to get the transcript of the call. But the administration would not release it. Remember when Trump’s folks didn’t want to release transcripts? The Left went ape shit nuts.

What will be next? Do we really want this guy on a phone call with Putin? One on one versus the most evil leader on the planet? To quote a guy who used to live in my dorm at IU: “Oh hell no!”

Perhaps the thing that most got me coming out of my chair this week was when he was giving a speech and started talking about running for President. He said “I really didn’t want to.” Man wish he would not have. Then he goes on, talking about Charlottesville, and says this: “But then I saw those people coming out of the corn fields with pitch forks and nazi flags.” What the fuck are you talking about?

Yes he said that – white supremacists coming out of fields with pitch forks. What planet is he on? Then of course he repeated the tired old liberal media talking point about Trump saying “there were good people on both sides” – which was perfectly true, and of course left out the context of how before he said that he also said he condemned white supremacy and hate in all of its forms. Biden probably forgot about that part too.

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    It seems to me that to choose ANYONE else, other than, Joe, is frivolous. The man clearly is about 5 beers shy of a six pack.

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