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Biscuit of the Week

We are going to single out a select member, but let’s just call it the main stream media, mouthpiece of the Democratic Party and willing carrier of stretched stories, half truths and, indeed, complete and total lies.

Generally speaking I try to catch the first ten minutes of Tucker Carlson each night as I mostly enjoy his thoughts on the days events and agree with him 90% of the time.

He’s been talking recently about the fact that there are a number of US funded “bio labs” in Ukraine. There is no denying this, the Biden administration admitted this in testimony to a congressional subcommittee last week.

The administration admitted that the labs existed and that they were concerned that Russian troops would get into the labs and compromise potentially sensitive data. Shortly after that admission former Senator Tulsi Gabbard began asking questions about this as well which caused heartburn in DC.

The media, ever trying to censor/cancel those who ask questions or disagree with their narrative of things immediately began saying Tucker Carlson was helping, perhaps even supporting Putin, by spewing misinformation to his three million nightly viewers (a ratings number the rest of them are ridiculously jealous of).

The media began immediately saying that it was a lie that both Gabbard and Carlson were talking about noting that there were “no biological weapons facilities being funded by the US in Ukraine.”

Subtle the difference, ain’t it? I’ve been watching Tucker’s show and listened to Tulsi Gabbard talk about these facilities – and I’ve never heard them say anything about a WEAPONS facility. Nope, the media just slipped that little word in so what they were saying is true, even if it’s not what Carlson or Gabbard said. I did hear Tucker say “weapon” one time – but but it’s clear all in all he’s really just pointing out that the media says the labs don’t exist at all when we know that they do.

I do not believe, nor do I think Tucker and Tulsi believe, that there are US funded bio WEAPONS facilities in the Ukraine. It is however an acknowledged by the administration FACT that there are biological research facilities that may in fact contain sensitive data the US is “concerned” about getting out of their place.

This truly is a sick and shady attempt to get rid of the Tucker Carlson’s of the world, they ask far too many questions and point out fairly obvious things that that the Democratic party would just assume not deal with. They literally hate them. And that brings us to our biscuit of the week.

Susan Glasser is a stupid, heartless bitch who is ignorant of most facts and is particularly dangerous as she believes her world view is the one and only correct view and everyone else is a communist at best. She demonstrated just how much we should care about her opinion with this winner of a tweet this week:

That’s right, she is blowing off the Fox News reporters in the Ukraine who were killed and injured last week – simply because she doesn’t like Tucker Carlson. Can you be bigger bitch?

Susan, it’s people like you who should be censored and put down. You are completely out of line here and if I were your employer (The New Yorker if you care to know) your ass would be to the curb for such a mean spirited and horrible comment. Didn’t you guys used to bitch daily about Donald Trump and his “mean tweets?” Your tweet isn’t just mean, it’s unconscionable. Karma is a bitch, I’m looking forward to watching you and the rest of the liars in the media get their comeuppance. Until then please take my sentiments with you:

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    What concerns me is, “Why are we funding ANY lab outside the UNITED STATES?

    Apparently, the lesson Wuhan gave us hasn’t been taken to heart.

    I’m so very disappointed in our government.

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