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Biscuit of the Week

lol … you already know right? It’s particularly hilarious when even ignorant liberals begin to realize just how big a failure you are. Joe Biden of course spent the last part of 2021 trying to pass his “Build Back Better” bill which everyone with a brain already knew was doomed. It appears that is the case. So he turned his efforts to voting rights – a Federal takeover of voting which is clearly unconstitutional. That effort was so weak that he gave a speech on it in Atlanta this week and liberal uber power player Stacy Abrams didn’t even show up for it.

It’s all pathetic. And even the other side knows it. Which brings us to this summary provided from places I took a peak at like USA Today, More Stuff Not Being Correct and the Collapsing News Network.

Biden took several major losses in just the first two weeks of the new year, including on his major initiatives on vaccine mandates and election laws, as the administration limps into a midterm election year struggling to unite its party and accomplish its goals.

Two of the biggest blows to the White House this year came on Thursday – one at the hands of two Democratic senators and another from the Supreme Court.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., went to the Senate floor Thursday afternoon to detail her opposition to partisan changes to the Senate filibuster, essentially killing Democrats’ plan to pass two major elections bills.

“Today marks the longest time in history that the Senate has been equally divided,” Sinema said Thursday. “The House of Representatives is nearly equally divided as well. Our mandate, it seems evident to me, [is] work together and get stuff done for America.”

Progress for the sake of progress is not a worthy goal, particularly when you have two parties with vastly differing opinions on how to steer this country forward. I thank God daily for the few moderates that still have a brain in their head. There are actually more of them than Manchin and Sinema, but they are too cowardly to say anything and they don’t have too as long as Manchin and Sinema are providing cover for them.

Throw in the financial news this week that once inflation is running at record levels and there isn’t really any end in sight. When there really is no plan that makes any sense being tauted by the majority (slim though it may be) there won’t be any end in sight. Spending an ass ton of money sure as hell isn’t the right answer. Most high schoolers who have taken economics know that.

Perhaps we need more teenage economists. The ones we have now with their long list of accomplishments and degrees spent most of 2021 telling us inflation was only transitory. One need only go to the grocery store to figure out they were stupid.

All of this leads to at least the part that makes me feel like maybe, just maybe, there is some hope. The latest polls indicate that the vast majority of Americans have got this figured out. Biden’s approval rating overall is now at a measly 33%, with his disapproval at a fairly staggering 53%, which basically means he’s lost most of the moderates Democrats rely on to win anything. And at this point his approval ratings make Donald Trump look like JFK. Just keep doing what you’re doing Joe, we’ll get you to the retirement home soon enough.

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  1. Depending on what percentage of you think constitutes the true “independents in this country, a 33% approval rating probably implies that over 90% of independents probably disapprove of President Bite-me as well.

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