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Biscuit of the Week

Again, Joe Biden is an honorary biscuit every week, but today we have a new entrant in the biscuit of the year sweepstakes! You guys know I don’t do much of follow much social media these days – and frankly it made my 2021 a better year by ignoring 99% of that shit.

But one could not help but see that liberal meatball Keith Olberman was on Twitter the other day and, because he’s completely irrelevant and everyone hates him, he had to say shit about the Michigan school shooting. Guess who he blames? You already know right – Trump’s fault.

Keith shocked (most of)Twitter on Wednesday when he appeared to make a connection between the shooting and the suspect’s mother’s previous support of former President Trump.

Olbermann, responding to an article from Barstool Sports memorializing a student who was killed during the incident, found it an appropriate time to take shots at the outlet for promoting “Trumpist Fascism” that, he said, has earned the support of the shooter’s mother.

Olbermann referred to an excerpt from a Daily Beast story that details the political history of the suspect’s mother, who penned an open letter of support to then-President-elect Trump, which she posted on her blog in November 2016. Remember, you aren’t allowed to support your candidate of choice, you racist, bigoted, misogynistic white supremacist you.

Olbermann is a complete buffoon who couldn’t even keep a job with More Stuff Not Being Correct. He is welcome to his opinion, and I’m glad he puts it out on social media so even more people can look at this meatball and say “what?”

Since Barstool wrote this offensive article about a hero who died on the scene, Olbermann was stupid enough to tag them in his reply.

Barstool sports president Dave Portnoy wrecked Keith with a one sentence response:

Indeed. WTF is wrong with you and all your liberal media conspirators? Keep it up, it’s how you got Trump the first time don’t be surprised if you don’t get him (or a close facsimile of him) again soon. Just keep acting stupid, most of the American people see through your bullshit.

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