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Biscuit of the Week

Well, sometimes you just can’t topple the king of the hill. Sometimes something powerful, like Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You” gets to the top of the charts and simply refuses to give up the position. The same is true of our Biscuit of the Week – or shall we say biscuits, and that is whatever group of Democrats is actually running this county.

I remember both with my grandfather and my mother-in-law as they succumbed to dementia – a phrase we used a lot was “they had a good day” or “they’ve had a bad day” today. Joe had a pretty bad week, and so did the Democratic party.

First Joe gave a speech with his Vice President Kamala Harris where he touted the one and only thing his administration has actually accomplished – the passing of the $`1,900,000,0000,000 Cares Act. That’s 1.9 trillion. But in his speech Biden said “the 1.9 billion dollar Cares Act.” Kamala was quick to correct him “Trillion!” she shouted out to him. “Oh Yah.” It’s Washington, zeroes don’t really matter much anyway, right?

A few minutes later though, Joe said it again. “`1.9 billion.” “Trillion!” she shouted again. “Oh yah, trillion!”

Perhaps in some sense of needing to get him out and look somewhat presidential the White House handlers scheduled a town hall with their partner the Communist News Network. That didn’t go very well either.

Biden was clearly uncomfortable as Anderson Cooper lobbed softballs at him. He couldn’t really answer questions on gas prices, inflation, or the supply chain issues we are seeing. He made several statements that were completely wrong, and the White House spent the next day “clarifying” his remarks. When asked if he should go to the southern border border he said “I suppose I should, but I haven’t had a whole helluva a lot of time.” Tough to fit in a border trip when your afternoon nap has to be scheduled.

For weeks now Biden has been saying something that even the most hardened Democrat doesn’t believe: his “build back better” plan will cost zero. His exact quote was “zero. zero. zero.” Please find me a person with a brain in their head that actually believes that shit. The amount of fuzz on that math makes a peach look hairless.

Then we find out that Democrats may take all their proposed tax increases out of the bill to appease Arizona Senator Krystin Sinema. That’s right, no new revenue, just print the trillions and pump it into the economy. Enjoy your $3.39 gas while you can folks. That won’t be adding up to a net zero.

I still predict the Democrats will get nowhere near the 3.5 Trillion they are after, but we shall see. Hard to tell because I never thought I’d see someone with dementia being puppeted as president but here we are.

1 thought on “Biscuit of the Week”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Our country is in a perilous time. We’ve got people making decisions, who we can’t hold accountable because we don’t know who they are!

    Not cool.

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