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Biscuit of the Week

Yah, this usually drops on Friday, but my head hurts so bad from how awful things have become in this country that I needed a few days to process it all. And yes, I’ve reached my edge and been pushed over.

First, let’s just go ahead and drop the award where it belongs, with the leader of these idiotic, brainless morons who no longer want there to be a United States of America.

Fuck you Brandon, just shut up for a minute.

First they destroy our culture – funny since they get so upset when we “appropriate” other cultures. If you haven’t read about it this week the DC Comics Universe has decided there needs to be more homosexual characters in the super world. Because reasons.

Then, when that didn’t get them as much attention as they wanted, they also rolled out that Superman will no longer stand for “Truth, Justice and The American Way.” Nope, now he stands for “Truth, Justice, and a better tomorrow.” Sounds a lot like Build Back Better don’t it? Please take that stuff and shove it up your ass – Trump is going to be re-elected in a landslide because of your stupid shit. It’s amazing just how far you’ll go to piss off the electoral bloc of people who actually still love this country.

Biden gave two “speeches” this week. The first was about the supply chain. “Our administration has been working on the supply chain issues since day one,” he claimed. Well, that was 9 months ago Joe and let me tell you – the supply chain is a complete shit show right now and everybody knows it. Biden gave zero detail as to exactly what they’ve done, except to say that they are allowing the ports to be open 24/7 now. That’d be great if there were actually truckers to pick up the containers, and warehouse workers to process the distribution, and end route truckers to take the goods to the store, and workers at the store to put the goods on the shelf. But there isn’t. Biden of course finished reading the cards he’d been given, turned around and walked out without talking questions. I’m half surprised he didn’t just give the press corps the bird as he walked away.

In the video below he begins lying at the 1:48 mark if you’d care to watch or I’ll summarize for you. He says Trump had no plan (wrong) and it’s going to be hard to get a vaccine from a bottle into an arm. Lie. Oh, and then he says “vaccines should not be mandatory.”

He once again came out on Thursday, did a pretty steady job of reading from his notecards, and admonished Trump voters and told everyone to get the jab or be left behind. He once again walked away from the podium and took no questions after he finished reading his prepared remarks.

We all know by now he’s a mentally incompetent figurehead that isn’t trusted by his advisers to even take a single question. This is complete fucking lunacy.

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