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Biscuit of the Week!

Again quite a few candidates, mostly Democrats, vied for the title. Pulling out a last second victory that was as sure as an Adam Vinatieri super bowl kick NY Democratic Senator “Crying” Chuck Schumer stuck his head out across the finish line first.

Not that anyone really cares but the most recent standoff between Republicans and Democrats was regarding the need for congress to raise the debt ceiling. Failure to do so would result in the USA defaulting on their debts – which we all know they weren’t going to let happen.

Republican Mitch McConnell made a deal with Schumer to allow this to happen. Several high name Republicans such as Ted Cruz decried that McConnell had given in. Donald Trump called for his ouster.

It’s all gas, it’s all for show, and those two should know better. No one in the past ten years has done more to scuttle moron Democrats than Mitch McConnell. The wiley veteran from Kentucky has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. You have to believe – and I do – that there’s a greater plan he has in place. Only Democrats think one move ahead, it’s part of why Donald Trump beat them at every turn.

But of course since that’s all Democrats do, Schumer decided to rub it in yesterday and made an ass out of himself on the Senate floor. He gave a speech that sounded a lot like what you might hear from the 4th grader who won class president by one vote. In other words like an entitled moron. Unfortunately for Chuck, many members of his party were not impressed, particularly the one Senator Democrats all love to hate – their very own Joe Manchin, Democrat from West Virginia.

Check out Manchin’s reactions (seated directly behind Schumer there) to the bullshit Schumer is spewing. And then he gets up and leaves – I’m thinking that’s even worse than tearing up the speech like immature bitches do when they’re speaker of the house.

Of course we’ve come to expect the behavior of an average 12 year old from Democrats. Sounds like the same group of folks who might elect a guy with dementia.

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