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Biscuit of the Week

This week there are once again many worthy candidates, but in the end it’s just far too amusing watching the Democrat party melt down, go into full on fear mongering mode, and then realize their own hypocrisy and scramble to erase the past.

So this week’s winner is simply those who we shall call the faces of the Democrat party.

Recently the state of Texas passed a new abortion law. The law states that abortions cannot be performed if doctors are able to detect a fetal heart beat from the baby.

Liberals didn’t just sue to stop this, they asked for “emergency intervention” by the Supreme Court to stop this heinous law – how dare you not let us stop a baby’s beating heart!

The Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision said the law would, for now, stand, as an emergency stop was not necessary and this would, like 99% of all cases do, need to go through the proper chain of litigation. They DID NOT say that it’s legal, and, in fact, the majority opinion attempted to make it abundantly clear:

“In reaching this conclusion, we stress that we do not purport to resolve definitively any jurisdictional or substantive claim in the applicants’ lawsuit,” the decision said. “In particular, this order is not based on any conclusion about the constitutionality of Texas’s law, and in no way limits other procedurally proper challenges to the Texas law, including in Texas state courts.”

But liberals didn’t want you to actually read what the court said, they began immediately lying through their teeth and attempting to scare the hell out of as many brainless liberal women as they could. Grab your pink pussy hat girls, it’s time to march to DC!

Constant biscuit of the week candidate Alexandria Acosio-Cortez tweeted:

You know it’s funny, I don’t recall Republicans in the 1970’s packing the court after Roe V. Wade was decided against them. The first sentence there is, of course, is a total lie.

Other Democrats piled on, saying that Republicans were pushing us as a society into “forced births” and a real live version of The Handmaid’s Tale. Except in the past they had said those type of analogies were a bit much. So better get rid of that evidence!

Nice try Brian, but when you post your idiocy on Twitter somebody somewhere is taking a screen shot so you can be shown for the hypocrite you are somewhere down the road. Frankly you guys are so stupid you make it easy.

Now, back to AOC’s second sentence above. She of course demands that the rules be changed so that her party can make whatever rule they want, despite 49% of the country in the last election saying they don’t want any of that shit. She says “or do nothing as millions of peoples’ bodies, rights, and lives are sacrificed.” I didn’t realize millions of people died from getting an abortion. Did I miss something?

And as far as bodies and rights go, you are for universal mask wearing and vaccine mandates, right? I mean I know you know better than everyone else when and where the government has a right to intervene in people’s health.

Lastly, the fake news media just can’t help themselves. CBS “news” is so ridiculous they actually said this while trying to explain the new law:

“The Texas abortion law bans abortion once a ‘so-called’ fetal heartbeat is detected.


Seriously, they said that out loud. Hot tip: that “so-called” heartbeat is kind of important to humans in general.

As usual we end simply by saying that you can’t believe a thing that comes out of any Democrat’s mouth – your life will be better off for it.

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