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Biscuit of the Week

Several honorable mentions this week.

The dude from MSNBC that said “Fox News just wants you to be focused on Afghanistan while Covid kills a thousand people this week.”

ABC News for allegedly fostering a toxic culture so bad that there’s now a rape lawsuit filed by one of their staffers versus an executive. What the hell is going on in these newsrooms? Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer, can someone tell me what the hell is going on there?

The dude that was the baby on the cover of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album suing the band for child sex exploitation. This is the same guy that has “Nirvana” tattooed on his chest. Meatball.

But while they are all worthy, I think we all know who the winner is. And maybe for more reasons than you think.

Sorry Joe, but you deserve it, and you damn well know it. Well, actually, considering your cognitive state, maybe you don’t. Well your handlers sure as hell know it.

I hope by now you’ve all seen the press conference yesterday. While Biden has always been careful about who he calls on in the room, yesterday he flat admitted he’s not the one making decisions. He opens the floor to questions by saying “I have been instructed to call on NBC News first.” Instructed?

We won’t belabor the complete and total fuckup that is Afghanistan – everyone knows that’s a disaster of the administration’s own failures and how they approach foreign policy. But while this has dominated the headlines, you’ve perhaps missed two other disasters Biden has had this week.

First, one of Donald Trump’s more successful policy moves was to force migrants to “stay in Mexico” while they awaited their asylum hearing. This of course kept migrants from coming in to the United States, being assigned a court date they’d never show up for, and disappearing into the nearest orange grove to be assigned a row to pick.

Biden and his liberal looney tunes of course rescinded that policy shortly after taking office because… well it was Trump’s idea so it must be inhumane somehow. This week, however, the supreme court disagreed and ordered Biden to reinstate the policy which he illegally struck down.

Then there is the eviction moratorium – hell, at least this one Biden admitted publicly was “probably illegal.” Can you imagine Trump implementing a policy and telling the press, “yah it’s probably not legal but I’ll do it anyway.” The impeachment hearings would start after lunch.

Once again Joe illegally extended the moratorium because … well let’s face it because he was INSTRUCTED TO.

The Supreme Court once again came in, shook their head at his stupidity and threw that out yesterday as well. Side note – the three liberal looney tune judges on the court dissented – not that they don’t realize it was illegal but because hey why not we can’t be getting ripped by NPR all weekend long.

So let’s see, Afghanistan, an illegal move to block an effective policy just because it was Trump’s idea, and found out something he said was probably illegal actually was illegal. Why again is he not being impeached yet? Democrats started that shit by impeaching Trump over a phone call – seems to me like Biden’s had a far worse week than that. Perhaps he’ll take comfort in his Biscuit of the Week award.

2 thoughts on “Biscuit of the Week”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    I’m not sure he even knows his name, without “being instructed.”

    I nominate the CONGRESS as a whole for next weeks biscuit. They’ve willfully neglected to do ANYTHING to protect this nation. The Republicans may be the minority, but they can take legal steps to remove the dementia riddled dumpster fire we call our President. Yet, all they do is whine. Worthless, one & all.

  2. The whole world is spinning out of control. This morning I paid $204 for my 45 days worth of insulin because I have fallen into the dreaded donut hole. Last time I paid $70 for the same amount. Something is very wrong with this picture. Sure hope my doctor has a lot of “samples “ next time I visit. I am done ranting now. I wish a happy weekend to everyone in biscuit land.

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