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Biscuit of the Week

Pretty much every week I lament the fact that it is so damn difficult to pick the winner because there are so many worthy candidates.

So for the first time in the history of Surrounded By Biscuits we are just going with a liberal inspired idea and handing out a participation trophy to all of the worthy biscuits this week!

Our first ribbon goes to Utah teach Leah Kinyon.

If the first thought that went through your head looking at that pic was “I bet Trump wasn’t her President” – you’d be right! Miss Kinyon managed to get herself fired barely a week into the new school year with this little classroom tirade a few days ago: “I hate Donald Trump. I’m going to say it. I don’t care what y’all think. Trump sucks,” she said. “He’s a sexual predator. He’s a literal moron. Go tattle on me to the freakin’ admins — they don’t give a crap.”

But actually the school’s administrators did care, and it took them less than one day to conduct an investigation that led to her termination. Too bad Leah that you didn’t teach in San Fransisco, you probably would have won teacher of the year.


Deservedly so our boy President Dementia has taken a beating this week. When the Communist News Network realizes they can’t cover for him anymore and starts bashing him you know it’s bad. But there’s another party here who deserves to have a spotlight on them as well, I present ribbon #2:

“Vice President Kamala Harris has been, at least visually, front and center as President Biden has overseen America’s retreat from Afghanistan,” the uber liberal Los Angels Times said in a story headlined, “Kamala Harris has touted her role on Afghanistan policy. Now, she owns it too.” 

You’re damn right she does. The Times noted that following Biden’s decision in April to withdraw U.S. troops, Harris boasted during an interview on CNN “that she was the last one in the room before Biden made his decision, and felt comfortable with the plan.”

You need to understand that this coming from the LA Times is DAMNING. This is the same newspaper that back in January launched their “covering Kamala Harris” project which was full of compliments, accolades and general kissing of the California Democrat’s ass.

But even the Times realized she’s a complete biscuit and quietly ended the project in May. Articles stopped appearing and social media accounts linked to the “project” were taken down.


My third ribbon goes out to a whole bunch of Democrats who are so damn stupid I can’t even put it in words. Looking at vaccination rates you’ll find that while there are any number of reasons people are using to not get vaccinated it’s a particularly big problem in African American communities.

Nothing racist about facts, despite what liberals will tell you. So we also know another fact – African Americans continue to, inexplicably, vote overwhelmingly Democrat. So one would conclude, or at least I would, that African Americans listen to Democrats. Check out this video and maybe suddenly you’ll understand:

If I was a Democrat (ha!) I’d wouldn’t take the damn jab either after watching that.


Fourth ribbon goes to

I don’t even have anything to say about him really.


Lastly, I’m handing out literally thousands of ribbons to the morons who have made Danielle Bregoli uber-rich (and at the same time patting her on the back – she’s a great example of how great this country really is).

I’m sure 99% of you just said

And honestly I’m glad you probably don’t know the name. Her stage name is now Bhad Bhabie (Bad Baby) but you all know her much better as this gal:

That’s right, Danielle is the “cash me ousside” girl from Doctor Phil. And if you haven’t kept up with her career, today she’s a poorly-selling rap artist and entrepreneur. She’s also worth in excess of fifty million dollars.

That’s right- $50,000,000. How you ask? Because of our biscuit winners here in round five, but mostly because of her shrewd marketing plans and endorsement deals. She’d already turned her famous catch phrase into t-shirts and such, but her worth skyrocketed recently when she joined the online platform “Only Fans.”

If you aren’t familiar with Only Fans, it’s a website where women go and, well, show more skin than they are allowed to on Facebook or Instagram. And folks (mostly men I’d think) pay for the privilege of seeing that. Danielle joined Only Fans and basically broke the site.

The operators of Only Fans noted that she was the most successful debut of all time on the platform, bringing in six million dollars – in the first HOUR. And you think Lebron James is overpaid!

Again – good for her – if that piece of trailer trash can be a multi-millionaire that proves that ANYONE in this country can be wildly successful financially. But for the god knows how many guys who ponied up in the first hour of her Only Fans debut – here’s your ribbon.

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Obviously, being a “Biscuit” is far easier than being a thoughtful conservative. “Biscuits” are driven by emotion & therefore change their minds as quickly as the emotions ebb. Good stuff.

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