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Biscuit of the Week

I wanted to give it to Joy Reid for saying that Ron DeSantis is killing children. Despite the fact that only fifteen children aged 17 and under have died in Florida from Covid-19. Ten of those had comorbidity such as diabetes.

I wanted to give it to the Loudon County school board in Virginia, who thinks by letting boys use the girls restroom that this is a win for equality somehow.

I wanted to give it to the guy sitting in the lobby at the Mayo Clinic on Tuesday, blaring whatever show that was he was watching on his device. Get a f**king set of ear buds ya jackass!

I wanted to give it to YouTube, who censored Doctor Rand Paul for saying cloth masks aren’t effective against the virus (which they are not). In the same video he talks about masks that ARE effective, but too bad Senator, we at YouTube know better than you do.

But in the end there simply isn’t anyone more deserving, your runaway candidate for Biscuit of the Year, our fearless leader and commander in confusion, Sleepy Joe.

Where does one begin?

First he was asked in the debates how he would deal with China. He said he would “force China to play by the international rules.” If someone could tell me what he’s done to make that happen I’d love to hear it. China has clamped down even further on its own companies (see the stock prices of Alibaba, Coupang, and others), it is by far the biggest contributor to the pollution of the atmosphere that Democrats claim to care about so much, and we’ve done nothing since Trump left to defend Taiwan from China’s threats to take it back over.

Second he has told us time and again that inflation is transitory and that pumping even more money into the economy is the answer to bringing it under control. How stupid does he think you are? Producer prices rose yesterday nearly 8%. Wages are going up, but nobody (except the rich) is getting ahead as rent, housing and food prices skyrocket. Government inflation numbers are bad, but even those are skewed as they are produced without fluctuations in food and energy which are considered “volatile.” Not even the communist news network can look you in the face and tell you that your grocery bill hasn’t gone up, you have eyes in your own head.

Third, he inexplicably pulled us completely out of Afghanistan – and now there’s a crisis. He literally said less than a week ago that “three hundred thousand well armed and well trained Afghan troops are there and less than seventy five thousand taliban fighters, they’ll be fine.” Now US troops are literally turning back around and going back to try and stem the tide.

Fourth, he ended the Keystone Pipeline, he banned oil exploration on Federal conservation lands, and put policies in place that ended the energy independence we had gained under the Trump administration. With oil prices skyrocketing suddenly we have enriched countries like Iraq and Russia. Who hate us. Brilliant.

Fifth – his exact words – I will crush the virus! Well, no you won’t. And it’s not because Ron DeSantis won’t make mass mandatory in schools. If you want to go around believing that a cloth mask you bought at wal-mart will protect you from the virus be my guest. But they don’t work. Tony Fauci’s emails reveal the truth: “Cloth masks are not really effective in keeping out the virus.” The media’s overlord of all things virology wrote it down. Should it not be gospel? So what is the problem … well…

Sixth – his administration has allowed a literal invasion of our country at the Southern border. Not only do prices hit a new record every month, but so do the number of people streaming across the Rio Grande. Even the fake news media can no longer avoid reporting on it.

And we have all heard the problems – no housing for these folks, we literally are putting migrants on planes and shipping them to other states, and it’s so overwhelming we don’t know who has Covid or doesn’t and our plan is to simply spread them out all over the country. How can you be this fucking incompetent? Seriously?

You are not only incompetent, but if Trump did half of the shit you’ve done he’d be going through a third impeachment trial. Get a damn grip – before it’s too late. If you think January 6th was an insurrection I think you’re sadly mistaken and you may soon see what an actual revolution looks like.

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