Biscuit (Noun) : A person who is willfully ignorant and almost certainly incompetent

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Biscuit of the Week

We all know that the justice system in this country moves at the speed of frozen syrup dripping upside down. Some cases take years. In the end, however, what is important is that the system gets things right.

Such is the case with the resolution of the case of Vauhxx Booker (yeah, I don’t know how to pronounce that either, so we’ll just go with Mister Booker here).

A year ago Mister Booker claimed he was the victim of a hate crime at Lake Monroe in Bloomington, Indiana.

A video of him in a fight with a couple of good ol’ boys went viral and garnered national attention. Mr. Booker noted that he was the victim of a hate crime and that he had been targeted because he is black. He claimed that the good ol’ boys mentioned “getting a noose.” Things got so testy with the local justice system that a special prosecutor had to be appointed to investigate the incident.

The problem of course is that Mr. Booker’s version of events seemed a bit fishy. People who were at the scene told a far different story that portrayed Mr. Booker as the antagonist. A well known “social justice warrior” in the area one has to wonder if he wasn’t trying to pull a Jussie Smollet and had put this situation in motion to try and garner attention to his cause.

In the end the truth came out. After a year of investigation Mr. Booker was charged earlier this week with trespassing and battery.

Mr. Booker was not pleased that his ploy didn’t work out for him. In a statement, Booker condemned the special prosecutor’s decision, calling it an “outrageous act of punitive retaliation and prosecutorial vindictiveness.”

No sir it was not. You stirred up some shit and got your ass kicked for it. It had nothing to do with the color of your skin and everything to do with you being a knucklehead.

And that makes you – Biscuit of the Week.

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  1. Bravo. BRAVO!!! The Chicago news stations are covering the Smollet case reluctantly. They refuse to say why he is in trouble. They just mention he was in court regarding charges “filed last year.” The left can’t bring themselves to report the truth.

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