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Biscuit of the Week

I’m still sitting here a bit scarred from watching President Dementia’s “town hall” meeting on CNN Wednesday night. I’ve said a few times it’s not funny anymore, and it’s really not. And as easy as it would be to give him the award for the umpteenth time let’s place the blame where it belongs: squarely on the shoulders of the communist news network.

So Don, you can accept this week’s honor on behalf of your failing fake news network.

I have to think after hosting that Lemon went home and couldn’t sleep a wink. The much hyped town hall was a complete disaster. Not that we’ve come to expect any less.

First of course was the crowd. CNN did their best with camera angles and such to fool viewers but the truth of course is that Biden barely managed to fill a quarter of the theater.

And then, as to be expected, the softball questions came lobbing in.

This particular clip was a total struggle to watch:

Biden managed to step on his toes several more times. He reiterated that spending four trillion dollars is the best way to stop inflation. Perhaps he got his economics degree from the same place AOC did.

He noted that the crisis at the border has been resolved. If by resolved you mean he’s shipped the record number of migrants crossing the border to other places in the country I suppose he’s right.

He noted that crime in this country is actually down. He and Lori Lightfoot clearly have math class together.

All of this is demonstrably false. CNN did nothing to contradict or challenge any of the talking points Joe read out loud. If this had been Trump … I mean seriously a commission of Democrats would have already assembled to assess his mental competence and be holding hearings.

So congratulations Communist News Network and you Don Lemon – you are Biscuit of the Week!

2 thoughts on “Biscuit of the Week”

  1. WOW! I mean, WOW!

    The man hasn’t had a capacity crowd anywhere he’s held a rally in the past 3 years. No one likes him.

    I still say we need to sue the DNC for fraud. They’ve knowingly put someone up for election who doesn’t have the ability to fulfill the duties of the office.

  2. And this dumbass, senile fool garnered more presidential election votes than anyone in US history? I can’t begin to tell you how frustrating this is.

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