Biscuit (Noun) : A person who is willfully ignorant and almost certainly incompetent

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Biscuit of the Week

This week’s winner is trying is going for a hall of fame nomination in terms of deflection. Ladies and Gents meet Minnesota State Representative John Thompson.

If the name sounds familiar this would be the knucklehead that got pulled over in Minnesota last week for failing to have a front license plate and speeding. But of course he claims he was pulled over for another offense:

Driving while black.

Rep. Thompson and his supporters of course say he was racially profiled. Never mind the other infractions, clearly this HAD to be the result of the officer’s prejudice.

When confronted the Minnesota legislator did something the officer questioned him about: He presented a Wisconsin driver’s license. This struck the officer as odd because Thompson had told him he was Minnesota state representative. As if that should mean a damn thing.

Why did he do this? Well pretty simple. He was breaking the law by keeping a Wisconsin license despite living in Minnesota and, lo and behold, his driving privileges in Minnesota had actually been suspended.

It gets even better – turns out it had been suspended because Thompson has failed to pay child support. Now that he’s called attention to himself with his “RACISM!” cry it is also starting to come out that he’s got past issues with domestic abuse. This guy is quite a winner you elected there St. Paul residents.

Concerns about his license escalated Tuesday, as the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association requested that the Wisconsin attorney general investigate Thompson for repeatedly getting a Wisconsin license while living in Minnesota, saying he “defrauded Wisconsin.”

He pretty clearly did so in order to keep driving despite Minnesota suspending his privileges. John, it doesn’t matter whether you are black or white, you’re clearly a piece of shit. Have a biscuit.

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