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Biscuit of the Week

Sigh. Well, we talked this week about a recent Trafalgar poll that came out noting that 57% of Americans believe that someone other than Joe Biden is executing the duties of the office of the President of the United States. In the poll, even 32% of Democrats agreed with that. At least not every Democrat has their head up their ass.

So ya, and I know some might think I’m just going to the well too often, but our biscuit of the week, and now solid leader for biscuit of the year, is President Joe Biden.

Honestly I’m taking no pleasure in this. On the contrary I’m not just worried about him anymore, I’m scared to death.

Watching that is painful at best.

I’ve had the misfortune of watching not one but two of my loved ones go into cognitive decline and eventually get to the point where their dementia required them to be cared for by others on a full time basis.

It’s a slow and painful process that starts with a bit of confusion here and there. Forgetting names. Forgetting dates. Pulling into a place and then forgetting why you went there.

Then it starts to get worse. Family and loved ones start watching their driving habits. They come home one day with a mysterious new dent in their car. Family members have to start coming up with ways to figure out how to take their keys away with a minimal amount of consternation.

Loved ones start talking to other loved with phrases like “he/she is having a good day today.” “He/She had a tough morning.” “We need to keep a pretty close eye on them.”

And while the good day/bad day thing goes on for a while there comes a point where it turns bad and when it does it happens fast.

This process can go on for years. But the over-the-cliff moment eventually comes and when it does it is like a hammer blow.

It’s abundantly clear to a majority of Americans that their leader is in some stage of cognitive decline. The former white house physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, has insisted he be tested. If you recall, the lame stream media literally screamed at the top of their lungs after Donald Trump’s first “presidential physical” that they could not believe Trump had passed a mental acuity test. They were their usual embarrassing selves.

Trump didn’t need note cards. He took questions off the cuff. He stopped to talk to the press all the time. Biden does none of that – because every time he does he causes chaos for his staff. Every time he’s briefly left alone I guarantee you they pray he puts his head down and says nothing to anyone.

I deserve to know, and so does every American, if the guy is fit for office. I don’t how they’ll fake it, but I’m sure they will. In the meanwhile, this shit is just painful to watch:

2 thoughts on “Biscuit of the Week”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    I believe a treasonous plot was perpetrated upon We The People. The DNC “knowingly & with forethought & malice” put forth a candidate, who was incapable of preforming the duties he was elected to do. They did so with a complicit media, willingly failing to report this news.

    We were lied to, & will suffer through a “bait & switch” while the GOP remains silent & complicit as well, like a neutered lap dog. Pathetic.

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