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Biscuit of the Week!

In this particular case, you really can’t have one without the other. We’ve been talking on the blog this week a lot about how Democrats like to find a nugget of data in a sea of bad data to make it look like they are actually accomplishing something. Only the most ardent MSNBC viewer is buying any of their bullshit. So these two biscuits take this week’s award.

If you missed it, the White House, desperate for ANY piece of good news sent out a tweet yesterday letting Americans in on some GREAT NEWS! This year’s 4th of July Barbecue will cost 16 cents less than last year’s meal!

The Biden economic plan is working. What the fuck are you talking about? There is no plan. He’s passed no legislation besides throwing everyone another stimmy check a few months ago. There have been no substantive policy changes enacted by this administration – well, besides reversing all the Trump border policies and watching an invasion of Texas occur before their very eyes.

The Biden economic plan is working? Does ANYONE really think that? PLEASE tell me one thing this administration has passed that has directly caused anything to get better economically in this country. ANYTHING. I’ll wait.

And yah, on the tweet above, you have to click on the attached video to find out how much your meal cost went down to find out that you are saving 16 cents. SIXTEEN CENTS.

Thank GOD we all can get our grill ready for 16 cents less this year. I mean it’s not like they’ve done anything to help out on things that are slightly more important.

A conservative commentator noted last night that “for all of Trump’s fault, you simply cannot argue that his policies were not effective.” By nearly any objective measure that’s spot on correct.

This is your leadership gang. Sixteen cents. Hey Nancy – THAT is fucking crumbs. Jackasses.

1 thought on “Biscuit of the Week!”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    I sense a bit of frustration in your Op-Ed today. Me thinks you watch way too much (read: ANY) MSM Fake News, to be healthy. I suggest a nice sunrise walk on the beach. Listen to the waves drown out the droning of the liberal pundits & then go eat breakfast at the Oasis with people who have common sense. You’ll feel better, I promise.

    Finally, I hate politicians & the MSM. I’m so very tired of the constant lying & obfuscation of the facts.

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