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Biscuit of the Week

Well … I’m sorry. Trust me I’m getting almost as tired of writing about him as you are reading about him, but sometimes one biscuit always seems to “rise” to the top? See what I did there? : )

Without further ado I give you our biscuit of the week.

If you’ve watched any news this week you saw that good old President Dementia was over in Europe this week meeting with the leaders of the G-7. In case you’re not in the know that’s Britain, Germany, France, Japan, China, us and of course RUSSIA.

He held a few short press conferences but would only take questions from pre-chosen reporters. He refused to a do a joint press conference with Vladimir Putin. There’s a projection of American strength for you.

He did, however, meet with Vladimir Putin and shook his finger at Vlad for being a big meanie. He said he literally handed Putin a list of “16 critical pieces of US infrastructure that are off limits to Russian supported cyber attacks.”

Not that the commies can’t figure out that things like energy infrastructure, military operations, food processing and other items like that aren’t critical to US interests, but hell, why not save them the work and just tell them where we could be hurt the most.

And does that mean that anything below #16 on the list is “ok” to hack? I mean what the actual fuck? How about this statement: Vlad, if we find out you’re behind ANY attack on US cyber infrastructure we’re going to kick your ass? Guess that would be to straightforward.

Perhaps even more telling was the difference between the solo press conferences each leader held after their meeting. Biden spent eleven minutes reading off a teleprompter. He then took seven questions from the assembled media.

Putin spent fifty-five minutes speaking freely without a teleprompter or note cards. He then took two dozen questions from assembled media. They are literally laughing at us right now, and I can’t say that I blame them.

And the trip was full of his usual embarrassing moments. In his first press conference in Cornwall England a shrewd photographer not only showed him using note cards, but got a picture of the talking points. At the top of the list of course was to make sure he bashed Trump.

Cameras caught him several times walking around in different places clearly lost and confused. I’ve said this once, I’ll say it again: It’s really not even funny anymore.

So congrats sleepy Joe, you have given our enemies more ways to hurt us and sent the most powerful leaders in the world back to their countries knowing we are currently led by a dementia riddled figurehead. Great.

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