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Biscuit of the Week!

Again it seemed this week that the politicians and celebrities were in quite a heated battle to pick up this week’s trophy, but in the end, after several weeks of avoiding the title, our #1 biscuit is back on top:

Sorry Joe, but you and your bullshit have earned the title once again.

I honestly had to think pretty hard about not giving this to Tony Fauci, but really swamp creatures like Fauci are able to exist because of biscuits like Biden. This week Biden continued to do things that didn’t make any sense, and continued to not do the things that it would make sense to do.

First there is the border crisis. As an independent blog we are allowed to use the word crisis here so calm down liberals.

Biden tapped his A-1 right hand woman Kamala Harris to be his “border czar.” That was 72 days ago. She has yet to visit the border to try and ascertain an understanding of how ridiculous the problem is, nor has she had a press conference to talk about her role. At the very least she could come out, answer a few questions and give a date when they’ll be rolling out some kind of coherent strategy. Besides the “fuck it, come on over” currently in place.

Second is just the blithering idiocy. Earlier this week he slammed two senators in his own party, noting that Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema actually “vote more with my Republican friends.”

Well, that’s a pretty easy one to google and stamp four pinocchios on. Let’s see, so far since Biden has taken office Manchin has voted on the Democrats side … every single time. 100%. Sinema? Oh yah, also 100%.

“But Trump lied all the time!” cry my liberal friends. So basically you’re saying Trump and Biden are both politicians. Congrats on figuring that one out. Still Biden is just an idiot, Trump a gloater. Oh, and now it looks like Trump was right about the Wuhan lab leak theory, something you all blasted him for. How many other things that you told us were “Trump’s lies” will turn out to be true I wonder?

Third, in the “you can’t make this shit up” category, Biden rescinded all the oil lease drilling rights in the Arctic national wildlife refuge that Trump had granted. First it was Keystone, and now another blow to our ability to be energy independent. Who does that benefit? Oh right, Iran. And Russia. Where Biden blessed a pipeline. Can you imagine the shitstorm if Trump had given a thumbs up to something Putin wanted?

Lastly, his six TRILLION dollar budget (that’s $6,000,000,000,000) was submitted to congress. Honestly, I’m just not even sure what to say. It’s like he thinks there is a stimulus check going to magically show up in the White House mailbox and we’ll have all this cash to do whatever we want with. Dementia is not an excuse for not at least coming close to reality every now and again. Unsustainable – kind of like his Presidency.

1 thought on “Biscuit of the Week!”

  1. Thomas "Pops" Petty

    Once again you’ve cut through the garbage the MS would want us to believe and revealed the truth behind their lies and hypocrisy. Atta Boy!

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