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Biscuit of the Week!

I guess when you decide to make an “anything of the week” category the only problem you get into is that some well deserving nominees never take home the trophy. Most of you will probably agree that with this week’s honoree that it was about damn time.

Congrats to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, your day in the spotlight has arrived!

I really wasn’t sure there could be a more useless piece of trash than Hillary Clinton, but DAMN this woman really wants the title bad.

We all know that the gun violence statistics in this country are literally influenced on an outsized basis by the number of people who are shot in her city on a daily basis. But that’s not nearly enough for her. Let’s get woke and get real!

Much like a cross-fit vegan she wants to make sure you know she checks all the boxes. This week on the two year anniversary of her inauguration she announced that from now on she’ll only do one on one interviews with black or brown journalists. She said, “as a woman of color, as a lesbian, it’s important to me that diversity is put front and center.”

Lesbian. Check. Woman of color. Check. Racist. Check.

I mean, she does realize that by only allowing one race of people to interview her that she has made that the exact opposite of diverse, right? And why am I supposed to care that she hits for other team?

Narcissist. Check.

While she was busy running around announcing her wokeness to any media outlet that would listen the Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago issued a vote of no confidence in her. She said she accepted it “as a badge of honor.” Good work getting morale up amongst the officers who put their lives in danger every day in your complete shit hole of a city. Why do I feel like anyone assigned to protect her probably isn’t looking very hard for all the potential sniper spots?

How does a person this ridiculous get elected? I mean I know Chicago is all fucked up, but Jesus. Thank God I’m white – I’ll never have to worry about interviewing this racist, lesbian, narcissistic bitch.

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