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Biscuit of The Week

At the rate the liberal media is going I’m pretty sure we could easily do a “Biscuit of The Day.” I’m afraid, however, that they’d step up their already considerable game and try even harder to win this coveted award.

Joy Reid was a close 2nd this week for her tweet where she suggested the cop in Ohio who shot the woman attacking another woman with a knife should have “just shot his gun in the air.” Knowing how things have been going lately the bullet likely would have come down and killed another person and the cop would have been racist for shooting his gun in the air.

Joy, however, despite her continuous stupidity, paled in comparison to the biggest race baiting idiot in America today.

Yes you, Lebron, ya jackass piece of shit.

If you missed it, after a police officer shot Ma’Khia Bryant for charging another woman with a knife, Lebron tweeted out to the Columbus police what I would argue was a terrorist threat:

Now as I recall, a duly elected President was recently impeached by a partisan group of knuckleheads for saying “stand up and fight.” Those words to them meant “incite violence.”

Given what we’ve seen for the past year in the country when someone like Le-Dummy says “you’re next” in likening this situation to George Floyd and others he is clearly telling people to go burn stuff down and tear shit up.

Apparently even our Biscuit realized how stupid it was as he was quick to delete that tweet, and then of course try to explain, why he deleted the tweet:

“This isn’t about one officer. it’s about the entire system and they always use our words to create more racism,” he said, adding he was “so damn tired of seeing Black people killed by police.”

“I am so desperate for more ACCOUNTABILITY,” he wrote.

Sir, your words are the cause of racism, go stand in front of a mirror for a week and just stare at it, maybe you’ll figure it out. How about some accountability from the parents of a girl doing this:

If you’ve actually watched the footage you can also clearly hear her say “Imma stab the fuck out of you!”

Last night several liberal idiots tried to present this as just a “street fight” that “happens all the time.” Look at that neighborhood. Does it look like the South side of Chicago? The aforementioned Joy Reid says she saw knife fights all the time at her high school and teachers just disarmed the students. I’m sure it was a rough and tumble place before she graduated and went to Harvard. Right.

One asked the question “what do you tell the parents of this girl who is now gone?” Instead of that, my question is this: “What would you have had to tell the parents of the girl who gets a knife in the heart if the officer doesn’t act?” They don’t want you ask that question, it doesn’t fit their “every cop is racist and the whole system is racist and racist racist racist racist racist.”

Congratulations Lebron, well deserved. Now say it with me: Shut the Fuck Up.

3 thoughts on “Biscuit of The Week”

  1. Ladies & Gentlemen, or host is on fire this morning. Brilliant commentary.

    Just for some additional yuks, a runner-up comment – by our past president – involving this week’s BOTW winner, remains only a close second.

    To wit: “Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon. He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t easy to do.” ~ President Donald J. Trump, 8/4/2018

  2. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Another well written op-Ed. My question is why he isn’t brought up on charges for issuing a threat against law enforcement? Oh, wait. He part of the protected class. He’s a liberal & therefore above the law (see Maxine “Burn it Down” Waters).

    There is no such thing as “White Privilege.” Rather, there is a distinct “Liberal Privilege,” where the MSM neglects to hold you accountable for ANYTHING. Yup, I’m so happy to be living in the wonderful USSA, United Socialist States of Amerika.

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