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Biscuit of the Week!

While the week offered up a staggering number of candidates, this race was really over before it even started. Despite Joe Biden’s dementia riddled brain calling the ATF the AFT in yesterday’s speech, amongst other bullshit he spewed, no one was going to top this week’s winner:

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred.

You’re probably aware that Rob and the folks at MLB decided to “punish” Georgia Republicans who tightened up the controls around their elections by moving the All-Star game from Atlanta.

Those of us who have a brain, however, were quick to point out that they aren’t punishing anyone except the people of Atlanta, their businesses and mostly the groups of people who the voting law supposedly “suppresses.”

According to the most recent census data, over half the population of Atlanta is black. Most have estimated that the economic impact to the city is roughly 100 million dollars. So MLB, in their haste to virtue signal how woke they are, pulled money out of their pockets. Money that could have gone to homeless mitigation, anti-poverty programs – any of several community oriented things that are supported by collected taxes and the benefits of hosting such an event.

To make matters worse, then MLB decided the game would be moved to Denver, Colorado. And while conservative media was quick to paint a picture that the voter rules in Colorado were more draconian than the Georgia law, I’ve looked at both and think it’s pretty much about the same. Which makes this even more of an empty, idiotic gesture.

Florida senator Marco Rubio sent a fantastic letter to the Commissioner asking him if MLB would be cutting off all the millions of dollars that MLB gets from its partnerships with Chinese companies and China, a country that would just as soon shoot a dissident in the head as opposed to letting them vote. We already know the answer – MLB lost nothing from moving a game from Atlanta, but to truly stand up to tyranny and abuse they’d have to take a large financial hit. Well that’s no bueno.

You can see the letter he wrote here:

I gave up on baseball in 2015 when the Reds traded Aroldis Chapman. Their antics and stupidity have kept me from even being remotely interested in coming back to the sport. While I was at work last Thursday one of my co-workers sent me an instant message asking me if I was watching the Reds game.

I’m happy to say that I had NO IDEA it was even opening day. It’s too bad, but it’s their own doing. I won’t be paying attention again this year and most likely won’t ever go back. No great loss.

4 thoughts on “Biscuit of the Week!”

  1. “If it weren’t for the hypocrisy of the Democrats, we’d simply have nothing to discuss.”
    – Dr. Charles Krauthammer

  2. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    I concur, oh great one. MLB not only stepped in it, as a result, they tried to scrap it off only to spread it around further. They look like idiots.

  3. Yes, leave Atlanta, which is 51% Black, and move the game, and the resulting economic benefit, to Denver, which is 68.9% White. Brilliant.

    Can anybody actually be that stupid? Manfred might just be a closet “white supremacist” – stranger things have happened.

    Nah, he really is that stupid – he’s a biscuit.

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