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Before Your Very Eyes

I say it all the time – at the very least your skepticism meter should be going off when you hear and see things on “the news” and then you walk out your door and see something completely different with your own eyes. This blog and my life’s mantra will never change: Think for yourself.

Before leaving Facebook one of the last things I did was unfriend a liberal idiot who I simply couldn’t handle any more. Like most liberals he posted things that made no sense and backed up pretty much everything he said with the same two words: Trump’s fault.

Facts simply don’t matter when you can just blame the devil I suppose.

The straw that broke the camel’s back for me with him was when he blamed Trump for (at the time) the 300,000 Covid deaths in this country. Forget that there was plenty of blame to go around for that, and forget all about Trump putting into motion an incredible process for a vaccine that a year later has us getting back to “normal.” He then of course celebrated when Biden (allegedly) won the election, including carrying his state of Arizona.

When I pointed out to him to be careful what he wishes for in that state because part of the reason wasn’t that Arizona hated Trump, but that Californians in droves were coming to Arizona and bringing their politics with them. He denied that. I did a little digging and found out that more than enough Californians had moved to Arizona in the last four years to make the vote tally difference we saw on election day. I didn’t bother retorting with that because again, facts would not have mattered anyway.

Yesterday I drove to Jacksonville and traffic here on the island was completely ridiculous. This should not be the case at all – the “snow birds” should have mostly left by now, and the summer vacationers don’t start showing up until Memorial Day Weekend. So what is going on here? I found out as I did a little more digging for those precious “facts” that there may indeed be one of the greatest migrations in US History going on, and it’s not just at our southern border. Check out this chart:

Seeing how this is based off of linked-in profiles one must postulate that these are mostly professional level people. And where are the moving from? Obviously shit holes. (Sorry Columbus Ohio, not sure what the hell you did, but I’ll guess your mayor is a Democrat).

And where are they moving too? Clearly they are going places where taxes are lower (Florida and Texas), or at least places where quality of life is perceived as better. I see the governors of California and New York taxing the shit out of their dwindling populations while at the same time saying their policies aren’t the reason people are leaving. They all want to say that it’s the rise in the ability to work remotely that is causing this shift. Go look at the top 8 cities on the leave list again … gee, anything in common?

Who will end up making up the population of the states people are fleeing from in the end? How will this change the demographics in Texas and Florida in particular? I’m not sure. I’m hopeful these folks will leave their failed Democratic policies back in the state they left, but some never learn. And facts don’t matter. Just ask Arizona.

2 thoughts on “Before Your Very Eyes”

  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    The “Rats fleeing a sinking ship” liberals may change their minds regarding taxes (for a short time, until their guilt, for working hard to get where they are, kicks in), but I doubt their misguided beliefs regarding other issues will change at all.

  2. Just had a chance (no pun intended!) to reread/review this article and have a question; in the metros with the largest growth, I noticed Cleveland. What the heck does Cleveland have to make it popular? It’s not like steel has made a huge comeback & their crime rate is average at best. Still, maybe they have a decent mayor (he is the longest serving mayor in Cleveland’s history – nearly 16 years – although he is stepping down at the conclusion of this term) so, regardless of political party, his community firmly believes he has a handle on things. Still, Cleveland??

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