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Beating A Dead Horse

This is (probably) the last article I’m going to write on this. We all know it’s a complete and utter disaster. Even the Communist News Network has asked the question “how is this anything but a complete failure?” I wrote on Tuesday that I hoped no one was surprised that Biden completely fucked up Afghanistan, but now he has decided to pour gas on the fire as the week has worn on.

Let’s start with the easy question. If you are going to pull your troops out of a volatile area should you:

A) Pull out your troops and leave behind the American Citizens and Afghan allies of the US for later or;

B) Evacuate American Citizens and Afghan allies first and then withdraw your troops.

Once you’ve screwed the pooch on that softball you should probably own the mistake and start figuring out the best way to get those folks out. Joe Biden and his administration have utterly failed at that mission as well and are lying through their teeth about it as spin control is turned up to a Spinal Tap worthy 11.

In what I’m sure was an absolutely terrifying moment for his handlers they sent ol’ Joe out to be interviewed by Democrat stalwart turned TV personality George Stephanopoulus on ABC. I love how every time George asks him “didn’t anyone tell you” Biden always replies “not that I recall.” Being a president with dementia has got to be damn hard, I feel for the guy. The interview was as painful as any Joe has given so far in his Presidency – he stammered and seemed to be confused several times. Demerits to ABC for cutting out some really bad parts of the interview to at least try to make Joe look like he’s aware of his surroundings. Kudos to ABC because in their official transcript they published the stammering and confusion. Transparency is a bitch. See so for yourself right here:

Speaking of interviews – another member of the administration was roundly mocked this week when she was confronted about Joe not taking questions – you know, which would require a thoughtful response. She said the President is always willing to take questions and do interviews.

The laughter at that statement was long and hearty. Did you know that by this time in their Presidency, Barack Obama and Donald Trump had given 113 and 50 interviews, respectively. Amusing how you guys thought Trump loved the camera, the ass kissing of Obama was clearly something even more narcissistic to behold.

In the same amount of time sleepy Joe has given 9. NINE. Gee, I wonder why?

And now that the fake news cannot cover for him, they are pretty much abandoning him in favor of – gasp – the truth.

Biden: “Our deal with the Taliban is that Americans with passports are allowed to be let through checkpoints and allowed to travel unharmed to the airport.”

ABC News: “Multiple reports that the Taliban are beating US Citizens and Afghans who assisted US forces at roadside checkpoints are coming in from several areas.”

Biden: “American citizens need to travel to the airport and from there will be evacuated.”

Biden Administration, last night: “US Citizens should avoid airport.”

Biden: “There is no question that US credibility abroad has not changed.”

Great Britain: Calls emergency session of parliament, Biden is skewered for his idiocy.

Germany: Angela Merkel, when asked about the fall of Kabul says “it’s a bitter development.”

Biden: “The troops we have sent are there to secure the airport, not do missions.”

Great Britain: Sends special forces to go out into Kabul and rescue citizens from safe houses.

Say what you want about Trump – it’s really not amusing that the fake news and Democrats said his policies would cause “millions” to die which of course was just bullshit, and now here we are with a President whose policies and actions actually are killing people.

Good work Democrat voters, your hate for a man’s personality overruled your brain and put someone with Dementia in charge. That blood is on your hands.

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  1. I can’t comprehend why our citizens and allies weren’t evacuated BEFORE our troops left? What in the actual fuck? Who made that call? Surely there is someone or some people calling the shots FOR sleepy Joe. That person and/or those people are responsible and should be held accountable. In my humble opinion…

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