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And We Drift Further Apart

The proverbial slippery slope becomes even more dangerous when it’s tilted.

I can only assume that the Biden administration is literally heaping a stack of executive orders and policy changes onto the American public so that it can create so much to analyze that it could take months to decide what matters and what doesn’t. It’s not just throwing spaghetti against the wall, it’s throwing the whole pot against the wall to see what sticks.

One of those seemingly small “reversals” of Trump era policies was to reverse a policy Trump attempted to make more firm when late in the term his administration issued the “Fair Access Rule,” a guideline which states simply that: “banks should conduct risk assessment of individual customers, rather than make broad based decisions affecting whole categories or classes of customers, when provisioning access to services, capital, and credit.”

On the surface I think we should all agree that banks shouldn’t discriminate against broad categories of groups of people or companies by withholding banking services to them. So why did the Trump administration find this important but the new administration (apparently) does not?

The answer is that Trump had already stopped a practice caused by exactly those actions which President Obama began in 2013. Notice that Obama waited until he had secured a second term to do so, because he likely would not have won re-election if had. If he was nothing else he was slick, remember he told Russia he would be much more flexible “after the election.” Optics matter, especially when you are trying to sneak something past a mostly unaware citizenry.

So what specifically did Obama do by directing banks to look at broader groups? He was targeting the manufacturers of guns of course. By allowing banks to take away services and credit to them they would be able to hinder the industry. In DC circles it was affectionately known as “operation choke point.”

No surprise that liberals would do end runs on new and creative ways to control guns. The rub, however, is that what else could this apply to? Let’s take this a step further.

What if banks, either due to the cries of the woke crowd or for whatever reasons, decided to deny access to other businesses that were “linked” to conservative causes or beliefs? What if it was just because the owner was a Republican donor?

And then the slope really begins to tilt. Now a niche evolves where alternative capital sources arise that are strictly for conservatives. Republicans may have to begin building their own banks. Sound extreme? Well, is it not already happening in many ways?

The left clearly won the battle to control social media – we know they own Facebook and Twitter and the narratives they control. So what has happened? Well the rise of Parler. And MeWe. Rumor is that Trump wants to start his own version of Twitter. Wouldn’t that be something.

What about the police? There are a lot of us who want more, not fewer police on the streets. Will we start seeing towns that boast of extra funding for police both in terms of manpower and training while other cities will experiment with a “different kind of policing?” What type of folks would each city draw to their ranks? Hot tip: It’s already happening.

Up next? School of course. There are seventy four million Trump voters who are concerned as hell about what is being taught in our schools (or not being taught as the case may be). While conservatives try to espouse the importance of education and country San Francisco is busy trying to make sure that none of their schools have offensive names like Lincoln or Washington.

You see where this is going, right? We are not getting united any time soon, the fact is we continue to drift farther and farther apart, and it’s due a great deal to the politicians who are claiming to want to unite us. At some point the chasm becomes too wide to cross.

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  1. Texas has the right to withdrawal from the union and go back to being an independent nation. As more fed up conservatives move from California, Washington, Oregon and the Upper Midwest, the liberals will be outnumbered and the right could be exercised as the national government tilts further left.

    This is a possible scenario, not a far fetched theory.

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