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And… Under The Bus You Go!

I take no pleasure from the damning report the New York attorney general issued today which points to direct evidence that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, fostered a toxic work environment, retaliated against women who tried to bring up these allegations and is guilty of breaking multiple state and federal laws.

Lol … yah that’s total crap. It made my whole week when CBS broke into my deep pontification of the price of a can of green beans on The Price is Right today and brought to us the New York Attorney General who outlined a report that essentially ends Cuomo’s political career.

Not even Democrats can hide from a report where 179 witnesses are interviewed and basically every single person said “yep, he’s a creeper.”

It took less than four hours for President Dementia to call for his resignation. Probably would have happened faster but they had to wait for Joe to wake up from his afternoon nap.

It’s been a total joy to watch More Stuff Not Being Correct (MSNBC) and the Communist News Network being forced to cover this. For the last five months while the investigation was ongoing neither network bothered to mention it. Like the rest of the democrats they hoped it would be ok, their hero, the guy who WON AN AWARD for his handling of Covid, would come out of this unscathed.

They knew better. Even more delicious is the investigation uncovered the governor’s brother, who we’ve talked about before on the blog, was guilty of trying to help him navigate around his issues. Actions of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo are part of what were noted in the report as the Governor’s loyalists who, by their action, contributed to and allowed an environment to exist “where the Governor’s sexually harassing conduct was allowed to flourish and persist.”

Flourish and persist. Sounds like CNN trying to remain relevant. That boat has yet another leak.

So Andrew Cuomo, just like I hear when I’m watching my favorite pricing game show….

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  1. Thomas “Pops” Petty

    Your sincerity…naw. I’m gloating with you. How bad must it truly be when they throw him under the bus but let “Quid Pro Joe” & “Shrillary” walk? Wow. One is on tape admitting he threatened to withdraw aid unless… The other destroyed evidence UNDERS SUBPOENA! This is far worse than they are admitting.

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