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An Hour With The Enemy

Tuesday night the wife and I were watching “Special Report,” the 6:00 evening news cast anchored by long time journalist Bret Baier and aired every evening on Fox News.

“You know,” she said, “I agree and understand with a lot of what I’m hearing, but I feel like I should watch the “other side” to see what they are saying.

So while I was not sure what we might find I decided to give up an hour of my life last night and we decided to watch whatever the same program/time slot might be on CNN.

Daring, I know.

Turns out CNN runs a program anchored by their long time legend Wolf Blitzer called “The Situation Room.”

We fired it up at 6:00 and were met with what could have easily been the first ten minutes of the same program on Fox: An in depth reporting of what is going on with Russia and Ukraine.

CNN had journalists on the ground in Ukraine reporting on things and they presented a couple of clips of what all was going on. It was well done and non-partisan. I appreciated the reporting. The difference between the two networks, however, started coming into focus pretty quickly after the beginning.

CNN had nothing to say whatsoever about the Biden administration and how they were handling (or not handling) the situation in the Ukraine. They did not talk about Biden’s “press conference” or the fact that he didn’t take any questions about making his remarks. I found it interesting that they ignored that. There was, of course, no talking about how the Ukraine is one of the corrupt countries that made the Biden family very wealthy. And speaking of ignoring, the two networks continued to diverge based on that.

CNN spent the first 45 minutes of the broadcast talking about the potential invasion. They did their usual fear mongering asking panel members just how bloody this could get and how many people they thought would die. Death tolls have long been a CNN tool for trying to get attention or making dramatic points.

While they reported on everything Ukraine, what I was scratching my head about was how they ignored all the other news out there. Since it’s almost all anti-democratic news, I don’t know that I blamed them. There was zero reporting during the hour on:

The Canadian Trucker Protest

Inflation/The Fed

Crime (Big story on the LA DA possibly being recalled was ignored)

Anything related to the crisis on our Southern Border

The potential protest this weekend by US truckers in DC

Yah nothing about that guy saying Mitt Romney was an idiot for thinking Russia was a problem either.

CNN did, however, cement in my mind just how bad they are in the last ten minutes. They chastised Donald Trump for “fawning” over Putin by calling him a “genius” a few days ago. Once again, Trump speaks the truth, and he’s the bad guy. Putin is a genius. He’s getting exactly what he wants because he knows Biden is too big of a pussy to stop him. So he’s taking what he wants using slick political and military maneuvers. Now CNN is mad because Trump recognizes Putin has made move after move that is going to garner him exactly what he wants.

But wait, can’t just blame Trump, we have to throw in the evil that is Tucker Carlson too! CNN used some nicely edited clips of Tucker making it sound like Fox News loves Russia and Putin and are rooting him on to roll over Ukraine. Of course I watch Tucker fairly regularly, and everything CNN said was at best a “spin” on what Tucker actually said, or was just flat bullshit. I did smile, however, when they were “aghast” how he could spew such Russian propaganda to his “millions of viewers.”

CNN wishes they had millions of viewers I bet.

So last night their ratings up were up by 2 people in my house, they’ll be losing those viewers today.

2 thoughts on “An Hour With The Enemy”

  1. Bad enough they lost two “new” viewers right away but to have one of them blast the network by invoking true statements detailing how they continue to cover up Democratic shortcomings by depicting DJT in a continued unfavorable light! The truth must hurt. Where will CNN find a twosome to replace you???? Rumor has it they have a crew at the TEX/MEX boarder looking for a couple of english speaking illegals!!

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