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All Symbol, No Substance

Once again congressional democrats proved that they are all symbol, no substance. Preparing for their six week summer vacation (really) they decided literally that the day before the federal moratorium on evictions was set to expire that they’d vote to try and extend it.

Backing up just a hair, the supreme court had told them weeks ago that the ban could not be extended without congressional approval. In other words, President Dementia couldn’t be handed a piece of paper to sign to do it through executive order.

And they did nothing.

The Democrats were actually taken by surprise on Thursday when they accidentally let our Commander in Confusion speak without note cards and teleprompters and he was asked if he thought the moratorium should be extended. He said “absolutely!”

Democrats at that point needed to save face, so they quickly called a vote in the House to extend the moratorium. The problem is that by waiting until the last moment of course the morons couldn’t agree on any of it. The progressive wing of course wants it extended forever – Free Rent for Everyone! – and the ones with some brains in their head couldn’t figure out how to make anything work. Representative Cori Bush, perhaps a bigger idiot than AOC, symbolically slept outside the Capitol building. Helping no one, improving nothing, the perfect of example of all symbol no substance.

By the way, prior to somehow getting elected into politics Ms. Bush was evicted three separate times for failure to pay her rent. Well, I guess actually that makes her perfect for politics, never mind.

The effort was so completely botched that they ended up not even bringing it up for a vote because they knew it would not pass.

This brings us to the liberal media’s usual playbook – trying to estimate how many people this will make homeless. If you’ll remember we’ve written about this bunch of bullshit on the blog before – just a few short months ago the media claimed it could be as many as 40 million people.

Of course that number was ridiculous – pulled out of someone’s ass at best. The article I read this morning noted they thought the number was 15 million. Another I saw yesterday was estimating 4 million. Please don’t get me wrong – 4 million is a lot. But it’s 90% less than the bullshit they were feeding you 60 days ago.

So how bad is it really? I talked to my property manager yesterday because my residential rental business hasn’t experienced any of this. In fact business is booming, with occupancy at nearly 100% and only a few “problem children” who are behind. We’ve successfully worked with a few on payment plans and others have managed to get federal assistance to help.

I asked her how I keep reading these articles about how bad it is for these Mom and Pop landlords and they are all going under and being “forced” to sell out to the big hedge funds but at the same time we don’t seem to have these problems.

“First thing I think,” she noted, “is that no one wants to move because of the pandemic. So they’ve prioritized rent to make sure they don’t have to. Second, is I think when they do think about moving they go out and see what’s out there, and everyone is asking for crazy amounts of rent. It’s unaffordable so they just stay put.”

Offering clean, well-maintained housing for a reasonable price. What a concept. Pay your rent. What a concept.

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  1. Exactly they have no clue and don’t seem to want to get a clue. They think free for everyone and everything is the answer and it’s not.

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