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A Tale of Two Powerful Men

One of the men with a pristine reputation of fairness. Unassuming. Clearly brilliant in the scholarly way that are the hallmark of people who make history in this country. You know the names – Learned Hand, Thurgood Marshall, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

And this man’s name is Brett Kavanaugh.

The second man is clearly not brilliant. He’s a bully. He’s a cocky New York son of a bitch who carries the smugness the tough guys of the city are world famous for. What’s the line again? When you walk up to someone in New York City you ask “do you know what time it is or should I just go fuck myself?”

His name is Andrew Cuomo.

Both men clearly have had high profile moments in the last few years. But oh what a difference it makes when one is a Democrat and one was nominated by Donald Trump.

Cuomo is now up to at least six women accusing him of sexual harassment. He’s got to be waking up every morning and wondering who’s next. You know there’s more, don’t you? And unlike the other man in this story, there appears to be credible evidence, including photographs and actual witnesses. He refuses to resign despite Democrats now being forced to call for him to do so.

Needing to learn more for this essay I flipped through the mainstream media sites this morning and I came up with the following on the front page of their websites:

CNN: One link to a video with Jake Tapper opining on something regarding the situation.

MSNBC: No coverage. Although an amusing article on how to win the “war against Tucker Carlson” was available under “top news.”

NBC News: No coverage.

CBS News: An article who’s headline says “Bill De Blasio says Cuomo is in the way of saving lives.” Not exactly a headline that speaks to the problem now, is it?

Enough – you get it. The “main stream” media is a Democrat machine, we all know it, and this is just another chunk of evidence to prove it. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that they just want to ignore the story or if they know he’s fucked and have simply abandoned him all together. Probably the latter.

But let’s go back to the embarrassment that the media and Democrats made of the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. We all know that Christine Ford came forward and accused him, essentially, of raping her. “I believe her!” Democrats cried at the top of their lungs and put on the most despicable play of all out political war in the history of judicial nominations.

A few others came forward to accuse Kavanaugh. Turns out they were all as full of shit as Ford was. Like her story, there were no witnesses as she claimed, nor was there any credible evidence. The Democrats attempted to try him on speculation, innuendo and the hazy memory of a woman who clearly needs help and they lost. It made Amy Coney Barrett’s appointment all the more delicious because fuck you Democrats. Karma is a bitch.

Can you imagine during the Kavanaugh bullshit that you could have pulled up any of those websites above and not seen at least five stories on each page? Maybe more? Cutting edge analysis!

In the end Kavanaugh was rightly appointed to where he belongs. Every once in a while at least the right thing happens. Hopefully the right thing happens this week and Cuomo leaves in disgrace because he is a disgrace. Good riddance.

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Powerful Men”

  1. Brilliant as always Chance! You da man!!!

    I could never be a leftist Democrat because I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror every morning and reconcile what I observe on a daily basis compared to what I have to try and make myself believe.

    One of the greatest lines from late Dr. Charles Krauthammer was: “If it weren’t for the Democrats hypocrisy, we’d simply have nothing to discuss.”

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